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got milk?


Yes, there is still a “Milkman” and there still is “Home Delivery”.

Tony Garcia and Son’s, an exclusive Alta Dena Certified Dairy distributor, has been providing a Dairy Home Delivery Service since 1987.


We service residential and wholesale accounts within all of North County including Rancho Sante Fe and Fairbanks Ranch.


Alta Dena produces the freshest milk you’ll ever taste. 

Our Premium dairy products are the best you can buy. 


How do we do it?


First, we work with local independent farmers who treat their cattle like family.  Alta Dena cows get nearly 500 square feet of personal space.  It’s kind of like each cow having her own condo. 


Our farmers get up with the chickens every morning, and serve their cows a nutritious breakfast.  Alta Dena cows eat fresh green alfalfa hay, not just that dry stuff.  They even have their own nutritionists. (But we draw the line at personal trainers.)


Our farmers do everything possible to keep their cows happy and healthy, so their milk will be the best.  And we believe in doing things the natural way.  So Farmers never give their cows bovine growth hormones to stimulate milk production as some other farmers do.


We test our milk 27 separate times to make sure it contains no harmful substances.


And to ensure a fresh taste, we never use powdered milk solids from outside sources as some other dairies do.


We keep our milk colder than required, to make sure it stays fresh.


But best of all, we deliver our milk within 24-48 hours of milking. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the taste of Alta Dena milk and all our delicious products every day.



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