North County Milkman

When Freshness and Quality Matter



Tony Garcia & Son’s have been providing home delivery service since 1987.  We offer a quality home shopping service in all of North County including Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch.  In addition to our valued Residential service, we distribute and welcome wholesale accounts.

Before Tony started his family owned business in 1987, he was involved in outside sales which had him traveling extensively.  Tony wanted his own business so he could spend more quality time at home in San Diego in order to an active role in his son’s lives.  The only traveling Tony does now is to pick up his daily products every morning and delivers them directly to his costumers.

Tony chose Alta Dena because of their high quality and strict standards.  His customers are delighted with the service and products he provides them.  He delivers once or twice a week and he offers more than just milk.  Customers can buy every conceivable dairy product from jalapeno cheese to Eskimo pies.



  • Helps prevent "impulse spending". How many times do you find yourself going to the store for only a gallon of milk but find yourself leaving the store with candy, gum, bottle of soda, or a host of other unnecessary items?  If you never go to the store, you never have to worry about being tempted by things you don't need.
  • Gas, as we all know is far too expensive.  Assuming 3 trips to the grocery store per week, average 20 MPG, Average fuel cost in CA as of 6/6/11 is 3.99/gal, and an assumed average of two miles to the grocery store yields a fuel cost of 124.80 per year (which does not include idling or starting your car).
  • How much is your time worth? If it takes you 30 minutes to make a trip to the grocery store and return, and you make 3 trips per week, you have spent 78 hours per year on the store alone or about 0.892% of your year on trips to the grocery.
  • Always have your staple items on hand. Milk, Butter, and Cream are things which are frequently used in cooking; wouldn't it be nice to always know that you have these things on hand? 
  • We deliver fresh, premium quality Alta Dena milk right to your door. Grocery stores rotate milk as they receive it from their warehouse, so they aren't able to ensure the same freshness and quality milk as your Alta Dena delivery service will provide you. 
  • We offer $25 for referrals, as an added incentive.  Ask us for details when calling.
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